The ENTERPRISE ASSESSMENT includes a 100-item questionnaire that applies the Leadership Diamond® model to assess organizational dynamics in terms of its four opposing yet interdependent leadership orientations of Ethics, Vision, Courage and Reality. This research-based instrument is designed to help organizations pinpoint in what ways and the extent to which they are experiencing "stuck-points," and gain insight into action steps to significantly enhance leadership thinking and behavior.


Actionable insights into the organization's present leadership strengths and weaknesses.

Identification of leverage action points for enhancing organizational leadership.

Opportunity for continuous and dynamic feedback necessary for sustainable leadership growth and development.

Insight into the leadership culture and attitudes within the organization.

Enhanced succession planning and optimization of human resource development.

Improved integration and reinforcement of leadership initiatives in support of organizational and strategic imperatives.

Significantly improved communications and high quality leadership dialogue by means of a shared leadership model and language accessible to all levels of the organization.


The Enterprise Assessment questionnaire is usually completed by fifteen to thirty selected key respondents. Individual scores are kept confidential unless otherwise requested by the client.

Respondents' scores are tabulated into a Diamond Profile for the organization.

Senior members designated by the organization are given a preliminary written report, followed by an opportunity to discuss any questions and engage in constructive dialogue to further refine insights from the profile.

A final report is issued, including next steps where appropriate.

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