The INDIVIDUAL 360° ASSESSMENT includes an 80-item, forced rank questionnaire that uses the Leadership Diamond® model to assess individual dynamics in terms of its four opposing yet interdependent leadership orientations of Ethics, Vision, Courage and Reality. This research-based instrument is designed to help individuals assess their own relative strengths and weaknesses in order to identify opportunity areas for their leadership growth. This is not a rating instrument.


Actionable insight into the individual's present leadership strengths and weaknesses.

Discovery of perception gaps between how the individual perceives him/herself and how (s)he is perceived by others.

Identification of leverage action points for enhancing leadership.


The Individual 360° Assessment questionnaire is completed by the individual and two to three selected others.

Scores from the questionnaires are tabulated by the individual into a Leadership Diamond® profile.

A Feedback Analysis Guide helps the individual identify actionable insights from the 360° feedback.

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